Where Have I Been…
"Well, It’s been a while" is sadly a catchphrase for my Youtube channel I noticed a few years ago when I once was watching back on old videos. Not something I’m proud of but at least I admit that I can have dips in uploading and conforming to the “social norms" of consistent content creation is not for me! 
We all need to take breaks, especially when you’re figuring things out. I’ve been thinking and thinking and overthinking about what should I upload, when will I upload - and what will my next post be.
I guess a vlog summing up what I’ve been up to is a good start!
I filmed this last weekend, and I’m so happy to have it up within a week of filming it! This feels like a massive achievement for me as the last time I tried to film a vlog I ended up filming over 3 months and having X amount of hours worth of footage… (I say X because honestly I don’t know how much - but it was waaaay too much). So yeah that vlog never really saw the light of day.
But I have been busy - with mostly client work and it feels amazing to finally have some time to work on my own personal content again. Don’t get me wrong I love client work it is honestly such an honour to create content for others - and be paid for it! But I have missed my own personal passion projects.
For starters - YOUTUBE
Obviously I tried filming a vlog a few months ago but when I eventually had time to sit down and go through the footage - I felt deflated by it. There was a lot of good things filmed but something about it all didn’t feel right. I felt like there was something about all the footage I filmed back then that didn’t relate to current me. I know - only a few months apart - but I had changed, and I felt like that footage was already outdated.
It felt so good to edit a video I was excited for rather than felt was a burden I had to sit down and try to piece together. I hope you like the video, if you’ve not watched it - I’d recommend you do (It'll be embedded at the end of this page!) as it shows you a bit more about my freelancer life than this blog post does!

Then there’s Lucid Thoughts Apparel
Wow. In April in time with my 25th Birthday I launched a Bundle, which wow. Did so much better than I’d anticipated and kept me busy for the best part of May printing all the orders and getting them shipped. I honestly loved it all but again, I’ve had to take a break on my brand for a moment to try and recover from all of those orders! I do have plans for the brand though don’t worry. I’m using it as a case study for my Digital Marketing Masters course, currently doing some surveys and launching an email marketing campaign.
I’m also working on new designs and plans for the site - all to be released eventually!
And Katys Studio…
Well I’ve been busy as a freelancer, I’ve got two new retainer contracts for a couple of my clients! Which is amazing, a freelancers dream to know they’ll have consistent work each month! My plan is to then have a few odd jobs in between every month or so to keep the freelancer in me blossom and allow for new clients.

But to sum up the last few months of client work:
I AC’d on a shoot with SNAP - watch the film here, honestly a work of art the boys worked so hard on this project and I was more than thrilled to be a part of it.
I also did a few photoshoots - one with Doric Skateboards, again an absolute hoot for me! And another with Long Dog Cafe where all the food was just ahh - I wanted to eat all of it!
I will be sharing photos from all of these shoots on my Instagram soon, going to plan out a lil Content Calendar for myself - with potentially a video of me doing it as well - so keep an eye out for that!
Annnnd also working with MadeBrave on their podcast Just a Chat With. If you’re a designer/creative - anyone who enjoys hearing a little bit about an artists insight into how they work then this is something you need to listen too! Honestly if you watch the vlog I think it’s pretty clear how much of a fan I am of MadeBrave - a company I have valued for years, and I’m finally working with them on something I love so much.
I think that’s been a little bit of fuel to my fire really, knowing that working towards your dreams can actually turn around for you and work in your favour is such a big motivator for me.
At the start of my final year of my Undergrad in 2019 we were told to pick a few company’s we would like to work for - mine were MadeBrave and SNAP - and somehow both of them aligned. I have some belief in vision boards and manifestation but it’s just surreal to me that a few years ago I was cutting out pictures of their work and sticking it in a sketchbook to say “this is what I want to do” and somehow I’ve been able to - even when my “Plan A” didn’t really work out. It somehow did?
I guess another reason it took me so long to make a Vlog or Blog post about where I’m at now was not feeling like I had made it yet - I wasn’t really employed - I didn’t have the graduate job I'd dreamed of. But I’m working as a freelancer and building my skills slowly, and that’s ok. I want to encourage every single person to take it one step st a time.
I say this quite fittingly as tonight is the opening show of the 2021 Gray's Digital Degree show night. A whole year ago I was in the position they are in. And it was such a strange place to be in. Never did I think I’d be where I am now. And that just goes to show how much you can learn and develop in a year after graduating. So I hope anyone finishing their course just now can find some hope and reassurance in my story. You never know, maybe one day in a way you never anticipated or imagined you could be working for your dream company.

While this blog post maybe hasn’t given you much detail on the ins and outs of everything that’s happened in the last few months I hope it gives you and glimpse of what’s going on within Katy’s Studio. There’s plans for more - but like I said, I’m not exactly the best at being consistent with my own personal projects. Here hoping I can strike that balance and give you guys a bit more insight into my work - and if there's anything you’d like to know more about, please just give me a message! I’m more than happy to chat with anyone who wants to!

Cheers for now,
Katy x
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