Due to Covid-19, I could no longer film a music video for one of my projects that I was already working on. So to progress my film portfolio to have examples of work I’d like to do more of I decided I wanted to learn more animation techniques that could aid my film making process. After Effects is a program that I want to become more familiar with so I’ve decided to make a Lyric Video with this in mind.


 - To create part of a lyric video, for the song Level of Concern by Twenty One Pilots. 
 - To teach myself new skills within After Effects
 - To post to Social Media and hopefully gain some reaction from it.

This song was written for the current situation the world is in. I found it very inspiring and could already visualise what I wanted to do with this song. Also because I want my portfolio to reflect my tastes and interests it makes sense to use a band/music that I already like.
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