My 2020 showreel highlights some of my favourite video led projects that I've worked on. Most of which took part in my final year of University. Featuring work from Snap DigitalBlack Raven Make Up, Hard Grind Aberdeen and Grey City Tattoo to name a few.
Having studied Communication Design at Gray's School of Art for four years I had the opportunity to work as an intern at an Aberdeen Design studio, Imajica. I worked there as their Junior Designer for a year alongside my studies.
Just an example of what my weekly vlogs entail - This week focused on handing in my Dissertation and hanging up our Interim Show posters.

I've been making videos on YouTube for almost 8 years. This in turn has given me so many opportunities to work with people and showcase what I do in a fun and creative way.
Katy’s Studio - Testimonial
"We were approached by Katy around 18 months ago following our social media call out for a ‘Freelance Photographer / Videographer’ to do some work with our barbershop, and it was literally the best idea i’ve ever had; she’s one in a million.
I’ve got a little experience with digital media and photography, and i was quite particular with my ideas and projects. Trying to explain how to take photos of barbering is quite a difficult thing to do without having much technical knowledge of the trade, yet every single time we’ve asked; she’s managed to deliver impeccably. Katy has an incredible eye for detail, and captures what we do in such a unique and creative way.
She’s become part of our team, and we’re unbelievably grateful for the hard work she constantly puts into everything she does.
We proudly hang her work in our shop (in fact we’ve got a whole showcase wall full of her work!)
I honestly couldn't recommend her any more if I tried."
Nath Macdonald
Manager / Barber
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